Zusätzliche Layer werden am Dienstag entfernt; Ehre und Weltbosse erst ab Donnerstag im Spiel

In einem neuen Bluepost hat Blizzard Details zur kommenden Woche bekannt gegeben. Ab Dienstag wird demnach kein Server mehrere Layer haben und ab Donnerstag wird das PvP-System sowie Weltbosse freigeschaltet.

Damit startet Phase 2 offiziell am 14.11.2019.

Hier der Bluepost:

Zitat von Kaivax (Quelle)

Next week, we will take multiple steps to prepare for the release of the PvP Honor system and World Bosses at 8:00 p.m. CET on Thursday, 14 November. Here’s an outline of those steps.

Tuesday, 12 November– Updates to Free Character Moves

At 1:00 a.m. CET on Tuesday, we will update the Free Character Move service.

Free Character Moves from all realms to Mandokir (Spain) will be closed at this time.
Free Character Moves will no longer be available from the Russian realms Rhok’delar or Wyrmthalak.
Free Character Moves from Shazzrah will be disabled.
The following Free Character Moves will be available:
Amnennar Finkle
Ashbringer Bloodfang
Ashbringer Dragonfang
Ashbringer Earthshaker
Ashbringer Judgement
Dragon’s Call Heartstriker
Dreadmist Bloodfang
Dreadmist Dragonfang
Dreadmist Earthshaker
Dreadmist Judgement
Everlook Celebras
Firemaw Bloodfang
Firemaw Dragonfang
Firemaw Earthshaker
Firemaw Judgement
Flamegor Harbinger of Doom
Flamelash Bloodfang
Flamelash Dragonfang
Flamelash Earthshaker
Flamelash Judgement
Gandling Bloodfang
Gandling Dragonfang
Gandling Earthshaker
Gandling Judgement
Gehennas Bloodfang
Gehennas Dragonfang
Gehennas Earthshaker
Gehennas Judgement
Golemagg Bloodfang
Golemagg Dragonfang
Golemagg Earthshaker
Golemagg Judgement
Hydraxian Waterlords Celebras
Lakeshire Celebras
Lucifron Heartstriker
Mograine Bloodfang
Mograine Dragonfang
Mograine Earthshaker
Mograine Judgement
Noggenfogger Bloodfang
Noggenfogger Dragonfang
Noggenfogger Earthshaker
Noggenfogger Judgement
Patchwerk Heartstriker
Pyrewood Village Nethergarde Keep
Razorfen Celebras
Razorgore Bloodfang
Razorgore Dragonfang
Razorgore Earthshaker
Razorgore Judgement
Sulfuron Finkle
Venoxis Heartstriker
Zandalar Tribe Bloodfang
Zandalar Tribe Dragonfang
Zandalar Tribe Earthshaker
Zandalar Tribe Judgement
We strongly suggest that any players planning to use a Free Character Move do so as soon as possible. Free Character Moves may be disabled without warning at any time.

Tuesday, 12 November – All Realms to One Layer

With restarts at 3:00 a.m. CET on Tuesday, all WoW Classic realms will be set to a single-layer. We expect some realms listed above to experience long queues after this step. We especially encourage players on Firemaw , Flamegor , Gehennas , Golemagg , Lucifron , Mograine , Sulfuron , and Venoxis to use the Free Character Move service to avoid excessive queues.

Thursday, 14 November – PVP Honor System and World Bosses

At 8:00 p.m. CET on Thursday, the update will occur for all realms in this region. The PvP Honor system will come online, and it will become possible for Azuregos and Kazzak to spawn.

Thank you very much!

08.11.2019 um 21:26

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