WoW Classic-Entwickler sagt: Ehre für diese Woche sollte korrekt berechnet worden sein

In den letzten Tagen gab es einige Blueposts zur Berechnung der Ehre in WoW Classic. Letzter Stand vor zwei Tagen war, dass Repair Jobs laufen, damit zumindest diese Woche alles korrekt berechnet wird.

Im offiziellen Forum gabs heute am frühen Morgen eine weitere Äußerung, und zwar von WoW Developer Pazorax als Reaktion auf mehrere Meldungen von Spielern, dass die Berechnung nach wie vor nicht stimme.

In seinem Bluepost erklärt er u.a.: „Ich weiß, dass das Ehresystem frustrierend sein kann, insbesondere, wenn man das Gefühl hat, dass man nicht für seine Mühen belohnt wird. Ich wollte daher posten und euch wissen lassen, dass wir uns die Ehre der Spieler für diese Woche ansehen und bis jetzt lassen alle Überprüfungen, die wir gemacht haben, den Schluss zu, dass Ehre diese Woche richtig berechnet wurde„.

Am Ende erklärt er außerdem: „Wir untersuchen das weiterhin, aber derzeit sehen wir keine Probleme mit den Daten aus Woche 3“. Hier der komplette Bluepost:

Zitat von Pazorax (Quelle)

I know the honor system can be frustrating, and even more so if it feels like you’re not getting credit for your efforts, so I wanted to post and let you know we are looking at people’s honor for the week, and so far all the checks we’ve done indicate that honor was calculated correctly this week.

As we mentioned before, our data repair job on Monday caused the “This week” totals to display an inflated value for the rest of the day, and that appears to explain a lot of the confusion we’ve seen so far.

We also know that some players confuse “estimated honor” with actual honor (estimates don’t account for diminishing returns), or confuse honor with rank (honor is earned from kills, rank is based on your relative standing within your faction). The honor system is slow to progress you through the ranks, even in the best case, so many of these reports aren’t a case of the honor going “missing” as much as they’re a case of an unforgiving system giving you less progress toward a rank than you were expecting.

In addition to being based on your relative standing within your faction, your progress to the next rank also slows down as you reach higher ranks. Achieving the same standing each week won’t award the same amount of progress toward each rank, it awards a fixed percentage of the delta between your current rank, and your current standing. It is actually impossible to achieve rank 14 in less than 12 weeks, and that assumes that you’re the top player on your faction for every one of those 12 weeks.

Those are all intentional behaviors, and are not bugs, but they can all contribute to a feeling of difficulty progressing through the ranks.

We also see reports of missing kills when you’re playing during the daily reset job, and we’ve checked that too. In fact, I just checked right now, on some of the people who reported errors in this thread, and last night’s job did calculate their honor correctly. Those kills are still there, its just a display issue, and they’ll show up on the next day’s daily report now that the underlying issue is fixed.

We are continuing to investigate, but at this time we don’t see any problems in the week 3 data. Once we conclude this investigation we can move on to investigating the problems that occurred during week 1 and 2, and we’re beginning to do that now.

Thank you again for your patience as we work through these issues.

05.12.2019 um 09:35

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