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Gestern gabs ein neues Division 2 State of the Game. Hier die Zusammenfassung via Reddit:


This week’s update on The Division 2 was all about artificial intelligence and NPC behaviors, as lead AI designer Drew Rechner joined host Hamish Bode.


  • Yesterday was a maintenance that added fixes that could not be dropped last Thursday. (patch notes are further down)

  • If you still have an issue with the Week One Raid patch, report it in the forum.

  • Raid Matchmaking was discussed in the Raid Special Stream (they are looking into in-game LFG solutions and group-up functions that work in the Raid context) and was not further extended today.

  • The armor normalization Bug is being worked on.

  • Title Update 3.1 is scheduled for next week (not Thursday, since it is another public holiday)

  • No concrete information to share yet on updates to skills, build diversity, and loot, but the team is very aware of these topics, gathering feedback, and working to design appropriate changes.

  • Improvements to the Revive Hive will be added

  • Chem Launcher will have changes on consoles

NPC / AI issues that were introduced with TU3

Enemy AI Mechanics
  • The AI is still based on a behavior tree system where the NPC decides on conditions how they behave and what they do.

  • The Hunter AI of the Survival DLC was basically the foundation of the AI in The Division 2.

  • The Division 2 built on that and also had to incorporate better behaviors and a lot more Archetypes of the different factions.

  • These new hostile Archetypes also have new and unique abilities (like prone) that were not around in the first game and they also have alternative tactics. For example, when you destroy their main abilities, they attack in different ways and so on.

TU3 AI issues

There have been 2 major issues with the AI in TU3 that were interconnected and caused a lot of issues and fallouts.

  • NPC Aggressive Behavior (rushing behavior of NPCs)

    • The NPC basically lost track of the player when they started moving and that manifested itself by an NPC running past the player or running up to the player to start a melee attack.

    • But what the NPC actually wanted to do was to get behind the player. But since he lost track of the player, he basically got surprised when he found the player in his path and switched to his melee attack behavior.

    • This could happen more often in closed spaces than in open spaces, because there was less room to maneuver.

    • On top of that, since the whole AI algorithm is basically interconnected – when things like this happen, it can cause a lot of fallout and that should not be happen.

  • NPC Speed of Movement

    • Players reported that NPCs were moving too fast

    • The NPCs had a bug that they accelerated too fast and were x times faster as they should be for a brief period of time.

    • This could occur after a turn animation because there was a disagreement between server and client how fast the NPC was moving after the turn animation.

    • The other issue was broken animations because of a fix that NPCs would not clip with the environment when they were climbing stairs.

    • All that combined you had NPCs moving in unexpected ways and also had strange animations.

    • To fix that, they had to improve the communication between client and server, so that they don’t lose track of the NPC speed, introduce failsafe scenarios when problems arise and also fix the animations.

Lessons learned

  • A tactical shooter should stay tactical and there should not be a regression in AI and NPC behavior, only improvements. They are very proud of their work and don’t want to release issues like there were in TU3.

  • There was a lot of detective work to find out why the issues where introduced in TU3 and that they not happen again.

Fix Schedule

  • The vast majority of fixes will drop with TU3.1 and the second set of fixes in the patch after that.

  • So after TU3.1 the AI should be back to where it was before the issues of TU3 were introduced.

Maintenance – Friday May 31st

Next Scheduled Maintenance is this Friday at the usual time.

  • Will fix more NPC behaviors, specifically AI aggressiveness.
  • Fixed an issue where players can fall through the world when matchmaking for Classified Assignments.
  • Fixed an exploit in the Bank Headquarters mission.

Maintenance – May 28th, 2019

  • Fixed an issue preventing some players from entering Nelson Theater Classified Assignment
  • Fixed an issue where some players could not progress to World Tier 5.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause players to glitch into an empty world when matchmaking for a Classified Assignment.
  • Made improvements to the delivery of the arm patch for first week completion of Operation Dark Hours. Players who beat the raid in the first week should be granted their arm patch retroactively.

We’re still working on Title Update 3.1 which will include several fixes to NPC behavior as well as other fixes for the game, but we don’t have an estimated time for this yet. We will keep you updated on this front too.

As we’ve seen this on brought up as well: We’re looking into armor being extraordinarily high in certain situations and this is something we want to fix asap.

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