State of the Game vom 15.05.2019: Warum es im Division 2 Raid kein Matchmaking gibt!

Ursprünglich wurde mal angekündigt, dass es für sämtliche Aktivitäten/Schwierigkeitsstufen in Division 2 Matchmaking geben wird. Aber… für den ersten Raid des Spiels, der HEUTE ABEND um 18 Uhr öffnet, gilt das nicht!

Im aktuellen State of the Game gestern Abend wurde erklärt, warum man sich gegen Matchmaking im Raid entschieden hat.

  • Laut den Entwicklern denke man nicht, dass es für zufällige Gruppen ein gutes Gameplay-Erlebnis bieten wird.
  • Der Raid werde die Fähigkeit, zu Kommunizieren, unter Beweis stellen und verlange ein gutes Build-Setup sowie gutes Teamwork, um die Bosse besiegen zu können.
  • Der Raid sei etwas, das man plane, organisiere und sich darauf vorbereite. Daher wolle man bestehende und organisierte Gruppen, um ein gutes Spielerlebnis bieten zu können.
  • Allerdings ist man offen für zukünftige Entwicklungen, Änderungen und Verbesserungen der Aktivität.

Hier die komplette Zusammenfassung vom gestrigen State of the Game (via Reddit):

Invasion Reset

  • The Weekly Missions were changed that they are no longer random but on a more controlled schedule.

  • The Weekly Invasion will change again on Thursday, so get the Nemesis blueprint now.

Hardwired Gear Set Chest Piece Stat Changes

  • Some attributes were changed on the Hardwired Chest Piece and rerolled on the gear that you already had – that was not included in the patch notes.

Frequent Deltas since TU3

  • Since the release of Title Update 3 they had a more frequent amount of server crashes.

  • This is what they are investigating and try to fix it as soon as possible – especially with the raid coming.

Roosevelt Island progression blocker

  • There are two new progression blockers in Rosevelt island – one with C4 and one with ropes.

  • They are looking into that and try to fix it asap.

Classified Assignment

  • Two of these Classified Assignments have been added to the game with TU3.

  • They are small missions that are available in the Open World.

  • They are narrative and lore driven to explore what happened in Washington D.C. before you arrived there.

  • There are many small collectibles and secrets.

  • You can find the assignment in an area that is marked on the map and then you have to find the mission itself.

  • Classified Assignments are exclusive to Year 1 Pass owner.

Apparel Event – Dark Hours

  • It is three weeks long plus one extra week.

  • It works exactly the same as the last one.

  • Roadmap

    • May 16th – May 23rd – Log in to get a free Apparel Cache Key

    • May 16th – June 6th – Keys can be obtained through gameplay or bought.

    • June 6th – June 13th – Finish the collections before the special reward is removed.

  • Year 1 Pass owners get 3 additional Free Keys

=> Summary – will be updated.

Raid Matchmaking

What the devs said about that request:

We decided to not include matchmaking as we don’t think this will create a good gameplay experience for random groups. The Raid will test your ability to communicate well, have a good build setup and will require great teamwork to beat encounters.

In general, the players should not look at the raid as another Incursion. The Raid is not something you do randomly – this is something you plan, you organize and you prepare for (builds / roles etc). During the raid, you communicate and then you learn from that experience and do it differently the next time.

That is why they want to go with a pre-set and organized group so that you also have a good experience in the raid, you can talk to each other, coordinate and be prepared.

Especially in the first discovery phase when everybody learns how to beat the raid – they want to emphasize the social aspect and to build something together.

But they are also open-minded for future developments, changes, and evolvement of the activity. They don’t take any feedback lightly because the raid is a very important part of The Division 2 – but for the launch of the raid – they want it to be that social and group-building experience.

Title Update 3

„Title Update 3: Operation Dark Hours“ is another milestone in The Divisions 2 Year 1 Roadmap. It is the addition of the first 8 player raid in the history of The Division – but it is also a lot more. In general, it is also a re-alignment and balance pass that affects the NPCs, the talents, the weapons, the gear and some big adjustments to the PVP content. The normalization was reworked, new PVP modifiers were introduced and there were also major adjustments to the Dark Zones. Besides that, it should also help you in your gearing up process, make crafting more viable and also provide you with more ways to accumulate blueprints.

=> Content Overview

=> Patch Notes

Raid: Operation Dark Hours

Release Date: Thursday, May 16 at 6PM CEST / 12 PM EST / 1AM KST / 2 AM ACT

Operation Dark Hours pits eight players together for the first time in the history of the franchise to experience the most challenging activity available in The Division 2. Here, teamwork, collaboration, and adaptation will be tested and above all, rewarded.

=> Trailer

=> Overview

=> Rewards

=> The Raid Summary

=> Race to worlds first competition

Operation Dark Hours – Special Report Live Stream

Tune in to the Special Report live stream on Thursday, May 16th 05:00 PM CEST / 11:00 AM EDT / 08:00 AM PDT discussing Operation Dark Hours!

The goal is to look at the creation of the Raid and less about spoilers.

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