Respawn Check In vom 27.02.2019: Hitbox-Feedback, Twitch Prime Loot Exploit Fix & mehr

Es gibt einen neuen Respawn Check In zum aktuellen Stand von Apex Legends. Hier die wichtigsten Punkte daraus zusammengefasst, das Original gibts direkt drunter:

  • Die Entwickler wissen um das Feedback zu den Unterschieden bei den Hitboxen. Hier seien definitiv Verbesserungen notwendig.
  • Es gab einige Fixes für ein Problem, das dazu führte, dass Spieler sehr viel weiter fliegen konnten als vorgesehen.
  • Ein Fix für den Twitch Prime Loot Exploit auf PC ging online. Der Omega Point Pathfinder Skin wird von allen Accounts entfernt, die diesen über den Exploit bekommen haben.
  • Bald soll es mehr Infos dazu geben, wie die Entwickler über das Thema Live Balance bei Apex Legends denken und außerdem zu ein paar Änderungen, die für die Meta erwartet werden.
  • Diese Woche habe man direkt mit nVidia zusammengearbeitet, um PC Crashing zu untersuchen und Reports vom Kundenservice durchzugehen.

Hey everyone! Today I want to rapid fire a few topics:


We are aware of the feedback around the hitbox differences between characters. This is an area that definitely needs improvement and we will be addressing it in the future.


We’ve applied some fixes that should address the issue where players could fly much further than intended. We’re continuing to hunt down and address any exploits that pop up so thank you to everyone that’s been capturing and reporting them. Please let us know if you are still seeing people able to do this.


We pushed a small patch today to address the Twitch Prime Loot exploit on PC. With this update, the Omega Point Pathfinder skin will be removed from any accounts that obtained it using the exploit.


You’ve probably noticed that there are things that we are able to address quickly and hotfix and others that take more time. So let’s take a look at how these are different.

  • SERVER PATCH or HOTFIX: These are changes that we can make on the server that don’t require a patch to push to your PC or consoles. These are usually script or playlist changes.

  • CLIENT PATCH: These are patches that you’ll need to download and update your game to get. These require us to create a new build and go through the certification process before we can push these live to all platforms. Whenever we are adding new content, fixing code bugs, or making some big changes to the game, they have to be done through a client patch.


We’ve been listening to player feedback and going through the mountains of data we get from the game. Soon we’ll be talking more about how we think about live balance for Apex Legends and some of the changes to expect to the meta.


This week we’ve been working directly with nVidia to investigate PC crashing as well as parsing through reports from our customer service folks. These reports are aggregated from hundreds of posts with breakdowns of what hardware is being affected. We have to account for thousands of different hardware configurations and settings so reproducing many crashes, applying, and testing the fixes will take time. We know this is very frustrating for many of you that are trying to play.

Reminder that we do have a troubleshooting guide on the forums with things to try in the meantime using the link below. Also, we recommend you turn off overclocking on your CPU and GPU as we’re seeing reports of peoples games becoming much more stable as a result.



Saw this brought up with the Twitch Prime Loot fix that went out today so let’s talk about it. There are different people working on different issues, and some are a lot easier than others. When a bug is reported there are some that we can reproduce and address right away and others take more time and investigation to fix. Understand that just because we fixed one thing quickly vs another that doesn’t mean other bugs are not a priority or actively being worked on.

Thank you for playing Apex Legends and making this community awesome, and for everyone experiencing crashes and other issues we appreciate you sticking with us as we continue to work feverishly on fixes.

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27.02.2019 um 08:28


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