Anthem Developer Livestream vom 20.03.2019 – Zusammenfassung

Gestern Abend gabs wieder einen Developer Livestream, Thema waren dieses Mal u.a. Update 1.04, das nächste Woche kommen soll.

Hier die Aufzeichnung:

Hier eine Zusammenfassung des Streams (gefunden auf Reddit):


Update 1.04 is planned to be released next week. Specifics are yet TBA. Patch notes will be released shortly before the patch goes live (and they are hefty – 13 pages long on Word). As always, plans can still change so please bear this in mind.

Elysian Caches

  • Elysian caches are available at the end of Strongholds when the boss has been killed

  • They can contain vanity items and crafting embers

  • You get a key for the cache by completing a select daily challenge

  • Everyone in the squad receives the rewards, so if all 4 players have keys, you will get 4 rewards

  • The number of keys is listed in Fort Tarsis next to how much coin you have

Forge improvements

  • There is now no loading screen to get into the Forge

  • It can be accessed anywhere from Fort Tarsis

  • All equipped components are now listed under the weapons and gear

  • These improvements are an incremental step to Forge improvements

  • A stat screen is still being investigated. No news to share yet.


  • Stronghold bosses still guarantee one Masterwork on GM difficulty, but now the remaining loot can be rolled for Masterworks/Legendaries

  • Strongholds and freeplay chests will see improved drop rates for rarer gear

Legendary missions

  • Legendary missions will be added to the game. These are more difficult, replayable critical path missions.

  • There will be 6 missions on release, with one playable each day.

  • There will be an apex creature at the end of each mission – these can be either an Ursix, Titan, Luminary or Fury

  • You do not need to start conversations with NPCs to initiate these missions – they will always be on the map

FOV Options

FOV sliders have been added to the PC version of the game. The options include:

  • Ground FOV

  • Zoomed FOV

  • Pilot FOV

  • Flight FOV

  • Swim FOV

Miscellaneous changes, improvements and fixes

  • NVIDIA DLSS support has been added. SLI support is still being looked into.

  • There is the usual performance optimisations included. This is described as being an ongoing project that is never finished.

  • Salvaging in the vault should be near instant now.

  • Lots of fog walls have been removed, especially in Strongholds.

  • More improvements have been made to bugged quickplay missions. If a missions has surpassed a 15 minute timer, you can no longer be matchmade into it.

  • You can also no longer be matchmade into a Stronghold after two minutes have elapsed (quickplay is not included in this).

  • The bug where you respawn timer would reset if your revive was cancelled has been fixed.

  • The bug where you could no longer interact with the environment or revive teammates has been fixed.

  • Javelin thrusters have been improved by 20% across the board. Overheat time has similarly been reduced by 20%.

  • You now hold the melee button to melee with Interceptor, instead of repeatedly mashing it. This change has not been made for the ultimate ability, however.

  • More universal components have been added. One example is Acid Slugs, which improves Shotgun damage and applies the acid effect if 7 pellets hit the enemy.

  • There have been various fixes and buffs to Masterwork components.

  • The inconsistent armour bug should have been addressed, but please feed back if you are still experiencing issues.

  • The bug where Strongholds/missions/contracts go missing from your map has been fixed.

  • Masterwork ember drop rates have been increased.

  • Improvements have been made to address the „Pilot data error“ issue.

  • Consumables can now be sorted by name/rarity.

  • When diving into deep water, the transition is now smoother.

Still being looked into/investigated

  • Javelins receiving Legendary/Masterwork components that fit in the wrong Javelin

  • Power scaling issues

  • New enemies and new story additions

  • Better in-game communication systems

  • A stats screen

  • Achievements not popping

  • Support gear Masterworks

  • SLI support

  • Increased inventory space

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