Achtung: Ehre/Ehrenhafte Siege in WoW Classic werden zu manchen Uhrzeiten NICHT berechnet!!!

Bin gerade auf einen Thread im Forum gestoßen. Anscheinend werden Ehre bzw. Ehrenhafte Siege in einem bestimmten Zeitraum am Tag nicht in die wöchentliche Berechnung mit einbezogen.

Der betreffende User gibt an, dass es offenbar in der Zeit von 3-8 AM PST bei ihm so ist. Seine Hypothese ist, dass im Code etwas falsch ist bezüglich wann ein Tag endet und startet.

Mittlerweile haben zahlreiche Spieler in dem Thread auch schon bestätigt, dass sie das Problem ebenfalls haben. Hier noch der Original-Post mit allen Infos, wie der User darauf kam:

I’d like to apologize for being incapable of formatting this in a more legible manner. Hopefully I can get all of this information across.

My friend and I have done a bulk of our play time during the hours of 3-8 AM PST. After much perceived loss of honorable kills disappearing and achieving extremely sub par honor returns every day and after weekly roll over.

I then proceeded to catalogue my honorable kills and honor gains.

My hypothesis being that in the time frame of 3-8 am there is a period where any gains are not being accounted towards weekly standing.

My findings are as follows.

Daily and weekly honor resets are happening at 3 AM.

3-7 AM I had achieved 47 HK totaling 3800 honor.
7-9 AM I had achieved 36 HK totaling 2800 honor.
12-7 PM I had achieved 196 HK totaling 7400 honor.
(All of this honor was calculated including diminishing returns)
Now if I total all of these honorable kills and honor together; 279 HK 14000 honor.

Now what happened during reset time of 3 AM you may ask? My total honorable kills were reduced to 213 and honor 9075.
Obviously 3-9 AM period had rolled over an extra hour but let’s still go with those numbers anyway.

Let’s take my total 279 HK and 14000 H and subtract my numbers I have gained during the period of 3-9 AM, 83 HK 6600 HONOR we arrive at:

196 HK 7400 HONOR.

Now obviously as previously stated I had gone over the 3-8 AM period by an hour with this sample. But it is closer to what was returned on reset than what I had gained.

Then subtracting just 3-7 AM gains leaves us at:

232 HK 10200 HONOR.

Even closer to what was returned after roll over.

I believe there is something wrong in the code in regards to when a day ends and begins. As current reset time for dungeon/raids is 8 AM, where as the old reset time and also the current honor roll over time is 3 AM.

Von hier: https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/honor-not-being-calculated-3-8-am/371752

24.11.2019 um 12:38

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